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An Interactive Oral History of One Night in Shaker Heights, Ohio

The 75th annual Shaker Heights Historical Society Gala Extravaganza is well underway and local lead historian Morris Richardson (Gus Mahoney) in a last ditch effort to save the Historical Society from budget cuts presents a theatrical version of one of the hottest pieces of gossip from his time living and working in the infamous suburb of Cleveland, Ohio: Shaker Heights. Along with real-life former Shaker Heights resident Katie Wilkinson, Shaker Heights' only drag queen, Miss Churles (Charles Miller), and some very enthusiastic members of the high school theater department (Frankie Goodman, Isa Guitian, Ishmael Gonzalez, and Brendan O’Leary), Morris sets out to prove that history can be cool.  Performed at  Brooklyn Comedy Collective twice in March and May 2023

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